Kara Kimya Company has started producing caustic soda since 2017.

This company is one of the leaders in producing CAUSTIC SODA in Iran. This company produces 60 tons of caustic soda daily for more than 300 customers based in Iran and different countries.
The company, as one of the international producers in the region, which today has regular exports to its customers in Europe and the Middle East, continues its journey as a manufacturing company. Kara Kimya with its experienced team offers different options and new ideas to its customers.
While not compromising quality, Kara Kimya cares about customer satisfaction and prioritizes long-term relationships with suppliers and customers.

Foreign business

With continuous exports to its customers in Europe and Asia, Kara Kimya continues its export activities, which started from neighboring countries.
The company works with about 15 countries to increase brand value.

Transportation and warehousing chain

We store more than 1000 tons of caustic soda on 2200 square meters of land. In addition, we can respond to the sudden demands of our customers by signing contracts in ports and warehouses across the country.