Caustic Soda

Chemical name:Sodium hydroxide
Packaging shape:in 25 kg bags
Chemical formula:Na-OH

Definition and application area
Moisture absorbing material is white. It dissolves easily in water to form a soft, slippery, soapy solution. Used This substance causes itching in contact with the skin. Also for absorbing acidic gases such as CO2.
Used in industry, dye silk, detergents and oil refineries. When it reacts with water, its temperature rises for about 5 minutes to 50 degrees Celsius and stays warm for about 15 minutes.

Sewage / Treatment: Acid control, odor removal, pipe cleaning, pressure balancing
Paper industry: as an adhesive, in heat-printed printing presses, newspapers
In the production of chemicals: sodium aluminate, sodium cyanide, silicate, polycarbonate, titanium oxide, zeolite production
Textiles: Eliminate waste on the product, bleach
Detergent, soap making: STTP, sodium hypochlorite, soap, oven and tube cleaner)
Pharmaceutical industry: Production of sodium phenolate-aspirin and disinfectant
Food industry: refining of edible oils, fruit and vegetable skins, ice cream
Beverage and dairy industry: oil cleaning, water purification, equipment cleaning
In the adhesive industry
Starch, caustic, water, silicate: together in the production of adhesive labels
Starch, caustic, water, borax: together in the manufacture of corrugated cardboard adhesive
In oil exploration and natural gas processing
Removal of acid residues in refined products, removal of phenols, pH balancing in drilling mud, removal of calcium and bactericides in drilling)
Extraction: filter cleaner (in filter pools) and acid unit cleaning in mines,
In addition, sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide is used to adjust the pH of sodium cyanide